Booker T Comments On The Street Profits Possibly Breaking Up

Booker T has some strong thoughts when it comes to the present and future of the Street Profits. Specifically, on the latest episode of the "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker addressed online chatter about Montez Ford being WWE's next big singles star.

"I'm gonna tell you right now, if Angelo Dawkins ain't listening to the internet and people talking about Montez Ford being a singles, and people wanting to treat him like a star, if that don't motivate his ass, nothing will," Booker said. "If he don't think the chatter is real, that's on him, okay?"

With Ford's big personality and impressive ring work, it's easy for the former Marine to stand out in the squared circle, but Booker knows that Dawkins is putting the added effort in too.

"I've seen the difference in Angie, he's a totally different guy now," Booker said. "He looks different, he walks different, he talks different, and when he gets in the ring, he works different, so I think that's the motivating factor to keep this tag team thing rolling. Like I said, it's going to be a time, but I don't think the time is now."

Booker is no stranger to tag team wrestling — long before he became a six-time world champion, he partnered with his brother Stevie Ray as the tag team Harlem Heat in WCW. His tag team and singles careers have gotten Booker in the WWE Hall Of Fame twice, and he sees Ford planting those seeds for similar growth.

"Montez can definitely be a singles star," Booker said, "But I do think we need a strong tag team division right now, and I think over a period of time, Street Profits can be replaced, but I don't think they can be replaced overnight. So I say let this thing roll for a little while longer, because we got something now."

Ford spoke with Wrestling Inc Managing Editor Nick Hausman during Money In The Bank weekend, saying "I've always had dreams of being a WWE world champion." There were also reports backstage about Ford and Dawkins being broken up to give Ford the aforementioned singles push, and recent storylines have teased the idea that Ford and Dawkins aren't getting along. The two put on a strong performance against Jimmy and Jey Uso at Money in the Bank, but the match ended under controversial circumstances when Ford was visibly pinned with only one shoulder on the mat. After that match, Booker believes there's some "street" stories still to be told with the tandem.

"A year ago, if they broke them up, I wouldn't care one bit," he said. "Now, there's some thought process ... to make this thing feel like 'Street Profits.' In order to have a name like that, you gotta have some dirt on you, dawg. You gotta be in the back alleys, you know what I mean? I'm serious, man, and that's what I'm feeling with Street Profits right now."

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