Backstage News On WWE Wanting To Push Montez Ford As A Singles Star

Montez Ford of The Street Profits is reportedly in line for a big singles push soon.

WWE made several references to a potential Ford – Angelo Dawkins split this past week, at the 7/1 "SmackDown" and 7/2 Money in the Bank. On Friday's show, The Usos would tell Ford and Dawkins in an in-ring segment that "there have been rumors you guys haven't been getting along," which seemed like a sign of the inevitable Street Profits split-up. Furthermore, in recent weeks, the announcers have repeatedly brought up Ford's physical transformation and how much bigger and stronger he appears to look.

According to Dave Meltzer on a recent episode of The Wrestling Observer Radio, The Usos' line and the commentators speaking on Ford's physique are both intended to lead to a Ford singles push. Meltzer noted that there are people within WWE management "who are very high on him [Ford] right now, especially with his new physique."

The split was once again teased at the Money in the Bank premium live event. On commentary, Michael Cole alluded to issues between Ford and Dawkins, and after they took the loss to The Usos, there appeared to be some tension between the Profits. It was revealed after the match that Ford's shoulder was in the air during the pinfall, which Ford pointed out to both his tag partner and the referee. The Profits then appeared rather disjointed as they walked back together to the backstage area.

Prior to Money in the Bank, Ford spoke to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the possibility of The Street Profits breaking up due to the WWE Draft.

"If the draft happens and they, you know, we're forced to go our separate ways, we're definitely going to keep that support there," Ford said. "Keep bringing it 100 percent. I know as a kid, speaking for myself, I've always had dreams of being a WWE World Champion.

"That dream just never fades away man. You know, when you're here, I feel like if you're not trying to be the guy or the team, then what are you here for? You know besides the money. But still at the same time, like you want to create a legacy."

Montez Ford has already been earmarked as "a future World Champion" by The Rock and several others.