The tortilla challenge has been making waves on social media, and it involves two people filling their mouths with water and playing a game of rock, paper, and scissors while slapping each other with soft tortillas. The person who spits out the water first loses!

For pro wrestlers, who make a living off of taking bumps, a tortilla slap must feel like a walk in the park. Case in point: The Rock and Cody Rhodes, who participated in the TikTok challenge earlier this week. While The Rock defeated Kevin Hart in a serious game, where both competitors followed the aforementioned rules, Rhodes and ESPN sportscaster Gary Striewski engaged in a more friendly affair as they gave each other enough time to prepare for a flatbread smacking them across the face.

While responding to a video of his viral tortilla challenge, The Rock pointed out how his “DC League of Super-Pets” co-star was excited at the prospect of slapping him without the fear of consequences.

Rhodes’ challenge took place hours before his WWE comeback at WrestleMania 38 bagged the ESPY for “WWE Moment of the Year.” In a post-event interview, Rhodes declared his intentions to create another history-making moment in time for next year’s ESPY awards.

“I’m still angry Cody from 2015, so to be able to show up and be like, you know, ‘They voted for me’ — It definitely is not something I take for granted,” Rhodes told after the ceremony. “And if anything, it’s kind of positioned me where I’m looking at 2023. I need to be back so you’ve got to find another moment, and I think I know what that moment could be in terms of getting back here for another ESPY WWE Moment of the Year.”

The next “moment” could very well be The American Nightmare’s triumphant return from injury at the Royal Rumble in January. According to oddsmakers, Rhodes is the early odds-on favorite to win the annual battle royal and main event WrestleMania 39.

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