Major Update On Dolph Ziggler's WWE TV Status

Some big news coming out of tonight's main event match on "Raw" is less about the in-ring action and more about a surprise appearance by Dolph Ziggler. The former WWE World Champion has appeared sporadically on the main roster throughout 2022, last being seen on the June 27 episode of "Raw" as part of the Last Chance Money in the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal. Before that, Ziggler was applying himself to the development of the WWE NXT roster, working a program with NXT Champion Bron Breakker where the two men were trading the NXT Title until Breakker came out on top at NXT Stand and Deliver on April 2.

On tonight's show, Ziggler would walk down to the ring during Bobby Lashley & Riddle vs. Theory & Seth Rollins. The show would immediately go to a commercial break upon his arrival, and when they returned from the break, Ziggler was sitting in a chair at ringside and keeping his intentions unknown. As the match was nearing its conclusion, Theory rolled Riddle up with a schoolboy pin and put his feet on the bottom rope for extra leverage. That is when Ziggler would finally swing into action, jumping up and pushing Theory's feet away so he couldn't cheat. The crowd erupted in cheers as Theory looked on at Ziggler in disbelief, allowing Riddle to hit a distracted Theory with an RKO for the win.

The show would go off the air with Ziggler coming into the ring after the match and giving Theory a stiff superkick to the face. It's unclear exactly where the storyline is heading at this point, as Theory is already scheduled to face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship at SummerSlam on July 30. It's obviously a possibility that Ziggler will be added to the mix to make it a triple threat, or maybe he has his sights set on the Money in the Bank briefcase Theory is in possession of. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see where WWE takes the feud with open possibilities for where they want to take it right now.

The upcoming rivalry between the two was hinted at when they faced each other at back-to-back WWE live events this weekend. Fans may find it surprising that Ziggler was actually booked to defeat Theory on both occasions, showing that they want to present him as a formidable threat to the rising star.