Does Goldberg Watch His Matches?

It's serendipitous that Goldberg owns one of the most popular undefeated streaks in all of wrestling, because he's a perfectionist.

"I don't really like to watch anything that I 'performed' in," Goldberg said in conversation with Rich Eisen on his daily radio show. "I'm always quite critical of myself, whether it's a documentary [referring to his upcoming A&E biography] or whether it's a live performance. I'm just that meathead that always like perfection."

The WWE Hall of Famer has noted in the past that he'll only continue to keep going as long as he's able to portray the unstoppable force he's known as, but Goldberg's origins have shown that he's always meant to be a pro wrestler. The story of how he came to be a wrestler and join World Championship Wrestling, where he enjoyed his famous streak, is a lengthy one, but he gave Eisen the Reader's Digest version.

"One of my brothers was Ric Flair's housemate in college, so I guess that's the first tie to it," Goldberg said. "[Former NFL player] Kevin Greene was one of my roommates at the Rams. He gave a glorious Hulk Hogan impression and always said that I should be a professional wrestler. When I was at the University of Georgia, quite obviously we spent a lot of time in Atlanta during those days and I rubbed shoulders with a lot of the current wrestlers, and there were a number good guys, and I never really desired to be one, nor did I assume that I would ever be one, but fate have it, I unfortunately didn't succeed at my first love which was being a 10-year veteran in the NFL though I did play a couple of days, seemingly, but I kind of fell into wrestling."

Goldberg wasn't the only pro football player to step into WCW's wrestling ring. The aforementioned Greene partook in some memorable matches back during the height of the New World Order, and legendary Chicago Bear Steve "Mongo" McMichael became a notorious member of the Four Horsemen, as well as a WCW commentator.

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