Grayson Waller Has No Problem Slapping New WWE Signing In The Face

NXT 2.0 star Grayson Waller made it clear that he has no problem slapping Logan Paul's face.

During an interview with ESPN's Beyond The Lead, Waller talked about how facing The Miz is on his list as well as having him as a tag team partner. He also has no problem slapping Paul in the face because "he's the guy" not Paul.

"A lot of people have mentioned as similar to me as The Miz," said Waller. "I don't know if that's me and him across from each other or standing side-by-side. That's definitely something I need to tick off the list, as a huge Challenge and Real World fan, that would be all-time. I know he has stuff going on with Logan Paul. I have no problem slapping Logan Paul in the face. He wants to walk in and all of a sudden, he's the guy, I'm the guy. Whether it's across from The Miz or standing next to him, that's something I would like to do." (h/t Fightful) 

As noted on June 30, Paul signed with WWE. He's set to face The Miz at SummerSlam on July 30. The match was made official during the July 19 episode of WWE "Raw." 

Grayson Waller made his WWE debut on June 11, 2021, on WWE "Main Event." He won his debut match against  Sunil Singh.