Hammerstone Confirms Elements Of MJF And AEW Drama Reports

The contract negations between Tony Khan and MJF took the wrestling world by storm when news first broke, with both fans and wrestlers intrigued to see how things play out. Now, Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone has shared his insight into the situation. Speaking as a guest on "Cafe du Rene," Hammerstone said that while he doesn't have an insider scoop on the situation, he can confirm that if the situation is "a giant work," it didn't begin that way.

"Up to a certain point, it was all very real," Hammerstone said. "I know there were some legitimate, real frustrations there."

Hammerstone has mixed views on the whole situation, particular as it relates to a wrestler supposedly trying to get out of a contract.

"You signed this. Nobody held a gun to your head and said, 'Sign this,'" Hammerstone said. "At some point, you said, 'Okay, this is agreeable." And it's like, if you sign a contract for $100,000 because you feel like that's a good offer, and then a year later you have become a $200,000 wrestler, that's part of the gamble. Because part of the gamble, too, is that you get the $100,000 contract and then a year later you're only worth $50,000, but you're still getting paid that $100,000. It's just decisions we make."

That said, in the specific case of MJF, Hammerstone admitted that MJF has the ratings, views and sales to back up his stance. He also thinks MJF is worth the money.

"He's a fantastic wrestler, and I was thinking that when I saw him wrestle a couple matches on indie shows," Hammerstone said. "After I wrestled him myself ,I was like 'Oh my God, this guy is incredible'. He's just so good."

News broke at the end of March that Tony Khan had had a heated discussion with MJF over his current contract, with MJF feeling as if he wasn't being paid enough for how over he was with fans. It was then reported that his deal ended in January 2024 and he was leaning towards jumping ship to WWE. This was furthered after MJF himself made comments on the Ariel Helwani show, and the real life-situation spilled over to television when MJF dropped an iconic pipe bomb on Tony Khan and AEW on an episode of "Dynamite" in early June. He has not been seen on programming since.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Cafe du Rene with an h/t to Wrestling INC. for the transcription.