Kevin Nash Recalls WWE's Scrapped Pitch For Big Scott Hall Tribute

The wrestling world lost one of its greatest ever performers when Scott Hall passed away on March 14, 2022, at the age of 63. Hall, known for his time in WWE as Razor Ramon and as part of the industry-altering New World Order faction in WCW, was initially hospitalized following a fall at his home which resulted in hip replacement surgery. After the procedure had concluded, a blood clot was dislodged, causing Hall to suffer three heart attacks he was unable to recover from after being placed on life support.

Hall's longtime best friend and fellow Hall of Famer, Kevin Nash, spoke about how WWE handled the news following his untimely passing that occurred just a few weeks out from WrestleMania 38. At their biggest event of the year, the company had an idea in mind to honor the four-time Intercontinental Champion that they did not follow through with.

"They [WWE] wanted to do some things. I just told them, I said, 'Man, you guys can do whatever you want to do,'" Nash said on the "Kliq This" podcast. "There was talk about doing a hologram thing with Scott and some other things. I said, 'You guys can do whatever you wanna do,' I said, 'I'm not.' I said, 'I'm not gonna f*****g say anything negative about anybody that wants to do something for him.' I said, 'I just – I'm not ready.' F**k, I didn't leave my house. I didn't go on the road. I didn't shift for a while. It f****d me up."

During his life, Hall battled his demons on several occasions, specifically addiction and alcohol dependency, which, at times, led to him rubbing people the wrong way and coming into trouble with law enforcement. Nash stressed that his best friend was just "misunderstood".

"So many people will say he was a d**k, you know, he was a pr**k," Nash said. "I never saw Scott ever walk by a homeless person and not give them money. Never. I just feel blessed that I got to know him."

Hall was laid to rest in his hometown of St Mary's, Maryland on April 8 in a service attended by Nash and fellow Kliq members Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, and Shawn Michaels. WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was also in attendance, who played a vital role in helping Hall battle his demons in his later life, similar to how he's helped Jake "The Snake" Roberts and other personalities in the business.

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