Kevin Owens Insults A Fan Who Tells Him He Should Be More Like MJF

Kevin Owens has never been one to hold back his opinions, even when it comes to fans.

Owens posted an image on Twitter on July 20, showcasing "one of [his] absolute favourite pictures from [his] 22 year career". The picture showed Owens shaking Rey Mysterio's hand in the ring as the two are bowing. A fan responded to the tweet by stating that "[the picture] is why heels have no credibility." They continued on to say that a good heel should be willing to live as their character both on and off screen and if they are unable to do so, they are unprofessional. They also cited MJF (who has not been seen on AEW programming since his pipebomb on the June 2 episode of "Dynamite" after failed contract negotiations between him and Tony Khan) as an example, saying that he should be teaching everyone else how to do it. Owens then responded to the fan by simply calling them a "b**ch".

Owens made his return to "Raw" this past week after being sidelined due to an unexplained issue since late June. He hosted an episode of the KO Show with Riddle as his guest. Owens offered to help Riddle going into his SummerSlam match with Seth Rollins and dubbed the two of them as "Bro-KO". Riddle declined the offer, stating that he is still loyal to his RK-Bro tag team with Randy Orton and reminding Owens of his history of turning on his opponents.

WWE has yet to officially announce a match for Owens at SummerSlam. However, he is rumored to be facing Ezekiel at the Biggest Party of the Summer on July 30 at the Nissan Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Owens has been determined to prove to everyone that Ezekiel is the same person as his brother Elias. Owens has been trying to prove he's right for months, but so far, he's been unable to do so.