Although the TV-14 rating is likely coming back to WWE, the Attitude Era was a different time and a young Matt Hardy was right in the thick of it. The latest episode of “Extreme Life With Matt Hardy” was focused on another young team in Matt & Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks, and the eldest Hardy was asked if the EVPs could have survived the slings and arrows of the Attitude Era.

“They probably wouldn’t have been signed just because of their size,” Hardy said. “It would’ve been very hard for them to get a gig then. I mean, it was hard for us, and we’re quite substantially bigger than The Bucks from height and size-wise, body frames, whatever, but we were on the very lower-end of ‘body sizes’ when we first got signed. I think for them, it would have been tough,” he said. “Then on top of that, just the atmosphere that was in the locker room, it would have been hard for them to survive because it’s totally the opposite lifestyle.”

Much like The Hardys, Matt & Nick Jackson grew up in a strong Christian household where they found a creative outlet in wrestling. Matt Hardy ended up starting his own promotion in the Cameron, NC area called OMEGA, and it became a hot ticket for local fans. Before getting into WWE, the Hardys never drank or did drugs, but the business eventually took Matt and Jeff down troubling paths. Matt says with the support of his family, he’s been sober from drugs for over a decade and remains alcohol-free since becoming a father. Jeff has faced substance abuse problems throughout the course of his career. Just this past June, Jeff was arrested for his third DUI in ten years.

“I don’t know how they would have done,” Hardy said, referring to The Bucks. “I don’t know how they would have fared. It would have probably been a tough career choice for them at that time. It would be very hard for them. I feel like they became stars, and the locker rooms have changed enough that they fit in very well nowadays.’

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