Paul Wight Clarifies Plans For Impending AEW Run As Captain Insano

If you thought Paul Wight joined AEW just to do commentary and serve as a mentor to young wrestlers, think again.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman, Wight made it abundantly clear that he plans on wrestling multiple matches for AEW.


"My whole reason for coming to AEW was to work on commentary and to compete more," Wight stressed.

However, he would be quick to dismiss TNT Champion Wardlow as a potential opponent.

"Wardlow is too hot for me right now," Wight said with a laugh. "Wardlow's on fire right now. You've got to pick and choose those battles. I'm going to wait till he cools off, I don't feel like taking that powerbomb."

The next time Wight steps foot inside an AEW ring, he'd most likely be seen as Captain Insano, the fictional pro wrestler he portrayed in the 1998 Adam Sandler movie The Waterboy. In earlier interviews, Wight confirmed that he had secured the rights to use the character on AEW TV, but dropped a few new bits of info to Wrestling Inc.


"He'll [Captain Insano] be back," Wight confirmed. "The guy who wrote The Waterboy has approved. Tony Khan and I have secured the rights to Captain Insano. There's already an outfit made, the whole nine yards. We're doing a lot of prep work, and this will be my last hoorah so to speak."

Wight, however, implored fans to temper expectations, and expect nothing more than an amusing character.

"Let's be honest – I don't think this character is going to be a killer going out there trying to beat Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship," Wight said. "At this point, I think this character is just to have fun. We'll see how it goes, but for me right now, this is just a chance to have fun with this character and be a bright spot on the show. We'll see how I'm feeling, and we'll see how everybody takes off with it."

Wight last competed for AEW on the March 30 episode of "Dark: Elevation" where he defeated Austin Green. Prior to the match, Wight revealed he was hoping to wrestle in front of his hometown fans in South Carolina, a request that AEW President Tony Khan granted. In all, Wight has wrestled four matches for AEW since joining the company in February 2021. His only pay-per-view bout came against QT Marshall at last year's All Out. He has yet to wrestle on "Rampage" or "Dynamite," AEW's two television shows.