Rush Makes AEW In-Ring Debut On Rampage (Photos, Video)

Following his on-screen debut at AEW Double or Nothing, two-time Ring of Honor World Champion Rush made his AEW in-ring debut this past Friday on "Rampage". Rush was one of the twenty men involved in the Royal Ramage last night, a battle royal that granted the winner an Interim AEW World Title shot against the current Champ, Jon Moxley.


Rush was unsuccessful in his pursuit of the title shot because he got into a battle on the ring apron with Penta Oscuro, leaving himself open to elimination with the luchador. Rush's business partner, Andrade El Idolo, would then throw a chair at Penta's head to signify that their issues with each other are far from over.

Rush has been in gimmick matches or trios matches since July 2021, with his last singles match being a loss to Bandido for the ROH World Title at Best in the World 2021.

Andrade and Rush were considered the founding members of the stable Los Ingobernables, while they were in CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre). Rush was with CMLL for 10 years, from 2009 to 2019. In a recent interview with Lucha Libre Online, Rush provided an update on where he hopes to take his partnership with AEW.


"For now, my objective is AEW," Rush declared. "I am now in AEW and I want to face the biggest names. I want everything! I am not going for the minimum. You name it! CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, (Jon) Moxley, Samoa Joe, the best they have (to offer).

"Imagine Rush vs Samoa Joe. There's a lot of material. Bryan Danielson vs Toro Blanco Rush, two ex-ROH World Champions against each other." Rush added. "There's Moxley, which they state is the most extreme one. They need to see a real Mexican badass. A lot of people have requested this match — Rush vs. Kenny Omega. We can finally have that match."