Seth Rollins' Emotional Rant Has Wrestling World Talking

Seth Rollins seemed to say a lot through a 140-character tweet Thursday.

The rant was likely a response to his arch-rival Cody Rhodes winning the ESPY for "WWE Moment of the Year" the night before, seeing as it included a reference to Rhodes departing from WWE in 2016.

Rollins' post was liked by a plethora of wrestlers, including several of his current and former WWE colleagues.

Shortly before the rant, Rollins posted an in-character tweet blasting WWE and ESPN for celebrating The American Nightmare.

Rhodes defeated Rollins in three consecutive matches earlier this year – at WrestleMania 38, WrestleMania Backlash and Hell in a Cell. Rhodes braved a torn pectoral tendon injury at Hell in a Cell, as a result becoming a living legend in the eyes of many wrestling fans. The night after his heroic performance, Rhodes was written off WWE TV courtesy of a sledgehammer attack from Rollins. Subsequently, Rhodes appeared on "WWE Raw" and vowed to get his revenge on Rollins for putting him out of commission, which would suggest that WWE has plans for a Rollins vs. Rhodes grudge match down the road.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Rollins broke character to describe his reaction to watching Rhodes wrestling with a severely bruised and discolored pectoral tendon.

"It was pretty gnarly," Seth Rollins admitted. "I don't think I expected it to look like that. I've had some torn muscles in my day and I know that the blood seeps down, gravity just takes over but I had never seen anything like that.

"I remember Triple H had torn his pec some time ago at an event and shared a picture of it and it was pretty brutal but nothing like what we saw from Cody at Hell in a Cell. His bicep, tricep, shoulder, pec it was down to his belly button almost, it was pretty gnarly.

"It was definitely shocking and I think the way I felt about it was how the audience in Chicago felt," he added. "They were just very uncomfortable for the first little bit. I think people were even wary just to cheer for him because it was so wild."