Shotzi Addresses Fans' Concerns After Deleting Her Twitter Account

Just one day after posting a lengthy message to address criticism regarding the women's Money In The Bank ladder match, "WWE SmackDown" Superstar Shotzi has decided to deactivate her Twitter account. The former "NXT" Women's Tag Team Champion had been receiving negative comments in regards to a botched spot with Alexa Bliss during Sunday's match, but that's not the full reason for her deleting her Twitter profile, as we learned when Shotzi took to Instagram to update her fan base on the decision she has made.

"I appreciate everyone checking on me but I swear I'm fine. I have been going through the toughest year of my personal life so it's deeper than nasty comments, but also Twitter has not helped with my fragile mind state. Just trying to stay motivated and positive. I am focused on my own goals and not what's on the internet," she wrote.

Shotzi has had a difficult year personally, by her own admission, due to issues in her personal life outside of professional wrestling. She unfortunately lost her father back in January after a battle with COVID-19. At the time, she released a statement announcing the news, saying "Last night I lost my biggest role model, my inspiration, my best friend, my dad."

Shotzi has been enjoying a push on "WWE SmackDown" as of late, getting featured regularly on the show in her heel role, which culminated in her getting a spot in the women's Money In The Bank. Of course, that match was ultimately won by Liv Morgan, who then successfully cashed it in to become the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion the very same night, thus joining the blue brand.

As far as Shotzi's social media is concerned, it appears she will still have a presence on Instagram, where she can share photographs of her life in order to connect with fans.