Tony Khan Declines To Comment On CM Punk And Colt Cabana Speculation

Where in the world is Colt Cabana?

According to Tony Khan, he'll be in Lowell, MA, on Saturday for Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor event.

"Colt is part of what we're doing in Ring of Honor," Khan said in a recent media call. "He was involved in Supercard of Honor, and has been a great wrestler in the past of Ring of Honor, and I plan to have him involved in the show this weekend."

"Haven't announced everything for the card yet," Khan continued. "We've only put up championship matches so far, and then one match for Zero Hour, of course." Khan then went into a lengthy explanation of how much respect he has for Willow Nightingale and Allysin Kay, who will wrestle each other on the Zero Hour preshow before Death Before Dishonor.

"Willow had a great performance on Dynamite," Khan said. "I thought Allysin Kay vs. Willow would be a great match, and so right now that's the only match we've announced outside of the championship matches."

Cabana wrestled in the preshow of Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor in April, the first ROH event under Khan's leadership. Cabana has not been on AEW programming lately, despite recently re-signing with the company. Some have said that this has to do with Cabana's former friend CM Punk's ascent within AEW, since Punk returned to the wrestling business in August of last year. Khan would not comment on the relationship between Punk and Cabana, and said Cabana's presence will be good "for Ring of Honor, and just in general, I'm always happy to have him around."

According to Khan, he feels that having legends of Ring of Honor involved in the current version of the company will be good for fan interest, citing former ROH stars Claudio Castagnoli, Samoa Joe, and Cabana. With Punk's history in Ring of Honor, this would seem to suggest that Punk could be headed to ROH as well.