Tony Khan Provides Update On Kenny Omega's Recovery

All Elite Wrestling hasn't seen the leader of the Elite in a long, long time.

Kenny Omega was a broken man when the former AEW World Champion was last seen on AEW programming. Omega has been recovering from a litany of injuries and has been outspoken about his frustrations, even saying recently that one more setback could lead to his retirement. Meanwhile, Omega's boss, Tony Khan, was asked about Omega's rocky road to wellness in a recent interview with the New York Post.

"I'm always concerned whenever a wrestler has an injury," Khan said. "But in Kenny Omega's case, he carried the load through more injuries than probably anyone I've seen."

"I don't want to put a timetable on it," Khan continued hopefully. "I'm still optimistic Kenny's coming back."

When pressed about Omega's apparent pessimism, Khan refused to entertain the idea that Omega could retire. "I think it's gonna go well. I think he's gonna be okay."

Omega hasn't wrestled since November of last year, when he lost the AEW World Championship to "Hangman" Adam Page. In the months that followed, it's been revealed that Omega had been dealing with numerous injuries, including vertigo, and that he'd been doing his best to adjust his matches accordingly.

Omega has posted about his recovery in the past, even being part of a sponsored post for a Florida health clinic that was using experimental treatments on the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.  Khan thinks that Omega is determined to get back to the ring, though he noted that he couldn't put himself in Omega's shoes.

"I know he's been through a lot but I know he's still trying to get back," Khan said.