Is Vince McMahon Backstage At WWE Smackdown?

Update: PWInsider reported around 5 pm EST today that Vince McMahon is now at the site of tonight's "WWE Smackdown."

Following the Wall Street Journal's initial explosive report featuring allegations made against Vince McMahon, the WWE CEO went on to appear on that week's "WWE Smackdown." However, the chances that McMahon does the same tonight on "Smackdown" following the latest blockbuster WSJ report seems to be up in the air.

According to a new report from PWInsider, McMahon has not arrived at the building for tonight's "SmackDown." The show will take place down in Forth Worth, TX and plenty of questions swirl after the latest WSJ report alleges McMahon paid off at least four women with "hush money" following encounters stemming back from 2005.

McMahon's first "SmackDown" appearance following his "stepping back" from his CEO position took place at the Target Center in Minneapolis where he came out to say the WWE tag line, "Then, Now, Forever and Together" before leaving. A new report says that McMahon yelled "f*ck 'em" right after walking to the Gorilla position following the segment. The news surrounding McMahon today didn't stop as an internal memo from WWE reportedly reiterated the Board of Directors' due diligence in continuing to investigate the allegations.

In addition to his last "Smackdown" appearance, McMahon has since appeared on WWE television two more times. His second appearance was on the following "WWE Raw" and his third was on the June 27 episode of "Raw" as he came out to introduce the return and 20th-anniversary celebration of John Cena. He was also seen at UFC 276 alongside Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Pat McAfee, and Nick Khan.