Wardlow Reveals His Ultimate Dream Match Is A Six-Man Tag

Wardlow has started blossoming on-screen for AEW and has multiple matches in the future that are possible due to AEW signing many different talents.

While on "TWC Show", AEW Star Wardlow named his ultimate dream match going forward.

"Everybody assumes [Jeff Hardy] is a dream opponent of mine, and yes, that would be cool. I would love to wrestle Jeff Hardy, but more so than wrestle, I want to team with Jeff Hardy," Wardlow said. "If I could do a six-man and just be Team Xtreme for one night, myself, Matt, and Jeff, I think that would be the ultimate dream more so than actually wrestling him."

This match cannot take place in AEW right now as Jeff Hardy is currently suspended following his first DUI with the company and third in the last 10 years. The owner of AEW, Tony Khan, released a statement following the arrest which stated that Jeff may return to AEW "upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety".

Matt and Jeff make up Team Xtreme, known for part of their run as a tag team in WWE where they won multiple tag team championships together across three different decades. Wardlow has taken inspiration from Jeff, hitting Jeff's signature Swanton Bomb in matches, a move that is normally used by smaller wrestlers due to the necessity of having safety in doing an ariel move.

Wardlow discussed why he uses the Swanton Bomb in matches when he is a larger wrestler than those that have used it before him.

"I anticipated being the next Jeff Hardy, that was my initial goal in wrestling," Wardlow said. "I spent years ... doing Swantons and teaching my body to flip, and twist, and corkscrew, and I was like, 'I'm going to sell my a** off and I'm going to do really cool stuff', and then I blow up my junior and senior year, and your body — you know, muscle memory — your body still remembers that stuff."

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