Was WWE Aware Of Brian Kendrick's Previous Controversial Comments?

Brian Kendrick's opportunity with AEW was taken away from him earlier this year due to his controversial comments regarding 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracies, but was WWE aware of what he had said?

Kendrick was originally supposed to appear on AEW "Dynamite" against Jon Moxley on the February 2 episode, but when those previous comments resurfaced online, AEW President Tony Khan pulled him from the show, claiming, "there is no room in AEW for the views expressed by Brian."

But that "High Spots" interview took place before his most recent stint with WWE, and Kendrick recently told K & S WrestleFest that WWE had "already investigated" this before he ended up signing with the company. Clearly, they saw no issue, as they ended up signing him when he returned in 2016.

"They talked to me, 'Don't talk about conspiracy theories,'" he revealed. "'Yeah, sure, not a problem.' That was it, never talked about them again and they were fine to re-sign me."

With any potential future working with AEW now being squashed, Kendrick was asked about a possible return to working for WWE, which he doesn't see happening. But he doesn't believe it's a matter of them "not wanting to deal with any of the backlash" in regards to the interview that has since become well-known amongst fans.

"I asked for my release, they gave it to me. 'Now you want to come crawling back?' Well, yeah, I don't see them wanting me to come back anytime soon. They were insulted, I would imagine, in some respect," he said. "But the truth is I wanted to wrestle and I wasn't given that opportunity anymore in WWE."

Kendrick requested his release back in January of this year despite being previously announced for a match on "NXT 2.0" against Harland. He had been predominantly working behind the scenes for the company at that point in a producer/coach role for both "NXT 2.0" and "205 Live."

Since he left WWE, Kendrick has only competed in one wrestling match for Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling where he defeated VSK, and it is unknown what the future holds for him as far as in-ring work.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit K & S WrestleFest with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.