What Did Triple H Say At The End Of The WWE SummerSlam Tryouts?

Over the past week, WWE held tryouts during SummerSlam week in Nashville, TN. There were names like Paul Heyman, Big E, and even former Los Angeles Lakers player, Dwight Howard making appearances at the event.

Another familiar face to WWE fans showed up this weekend, WWE Hall of Famer and Head of Creative Triple H. He showed up to congratulate all the people who went and tried out for the company.

"It's not often you get to witness the future happening right in front of your eyes," Triple H said. "Somewhere in this group of people is potentially the next Rock, the next John Cena, potentially the next Roman Reigns, potentially the next Becky Lynch, the next Bianca Belair."

When discussing Dwight Howard's appearance this weekend, Triple H said it was amazing.  He also noted how the group of 50+ people at the session had become like a family.

"[Howard]'s straight from the shadow realm. He came in here and flicked everyone like a booger and it was amazing," Triple H said.

The former WWE Champion said that the things everyone learns during the tryouts will last their entire career and he called everyone "amazing."

"The things you learned here if you have a career in this, will last you your entire career," he said. "But from day one, everyone has been amazing."

Triple H also noted during the SummerSlam tryouts that stepping in the ring is the easy part, but stepping up to the mic and talking to people who they don't know and who they want to like is the hard part.

This isn't the first time this year, that Triple H attended a WWE Tryout session. Before WrestleMania 38, the King of Kings attended WWE's tryout session in Dallas, TX.