When Madcap Moss was brought to the main roster in order to work alongside Happy Corbin, he had unique ring gear, competing with suspenders on. He has now admitted that was a decision made by his former friend.

“It was his call,” Moss told “NBC Sports Boston,” putting the responsibility on Corbin for why he looked that way. Moss would accompany Corbin to the ring and in segments while he told jokes to make him laugh until the pair split following WWE WrestleMania 38, and it wasn’t long after that the suspenders were gone.

“He had the signature fedoras and he wanted me to have my own signature thing. He gave me a choice of a few different things, and I thought the suspenders have some function to them too, you know? They hold the pants up,” he said. “I decided to double up with the belt still, and a lot of people gave me grief for that but I just really did not want my pants coming down during any matches.”

The look was something that made him stand out as a performer, even though it wasn’t a particular hit with fans. The fact that the WWE Universe didn’t like the style of ring gear is something that played into the fact he was a heel. This is why he switched it up during his babyface turn.

“It was unique. I thought it was a unique, different, and also a functional look, so that’s kind of how the suspenders came about,” Moss said. “I am happy to say, at this point, that I have officially ditched the suspenders though.”

After Corbin took him out by trapping Moss’ neck in a steel chair, Moss was on the shelf temporarily. When he made his return, he did so with a totally different look that was nothing like what he had been doing before. The suspenders and shorts were gone, and since then, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner has been wearing more traditional ring gear.

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