William Regal Comments On Recent BCC ‘Madness’ Photo Going Viral

William Regal got to pay homage to one of his favorite ska bands in a recent photo that went viral, and he provided further details on the latest episode of his podcast, "Gentleman Villain."

"An English gentleman, the photographer, please look him up. Look the picture up, the original, the black and white on,e because he needs credit for it," Regal said before giving some background on one of his favorite bands.

"Unfortunately, Bryan [Danielson] was not there, but Madness was a huge part of my life growing up," Regal said. "I went through all kinds of different youth cultures. The original ska was 1968 through 1970. It was always around, but it was a second coming of ska after punk had sort of left in the late '70s, and Madness was one of those bands that just caught on in Britain, and I know they had a few hits in America, but nothing like they had, they were a national treasure in Britain."

Madness formed in 1976 and experienced several changes to its lineup early on,  but eventually the core members came together to release their debut album in 1979, whose cover art was the subject of Regal's homage.

"It's an album of theirs, 'One Step [Beyond...],' and to do the Madness thing, I was all for it, so yes. Go and listen to Madness, listen to 'One Step.' If your feet don't start moving, there's something wrong with you." Regal didn't give Wheeler Yuta, Jon Moxley, or Claudio Castagnoli any context behind the reason for the photo, but it was something the Blackpool Combat Club leader wanted to do.

"'Let's do this,' I said, 'It's just a British thing and the British fans will get it,'" Regal said. "I just quickly grabbed them and I said, 'Fellas, can we take this picture?' And I don't really had time to explain it to them."

Danielson was absent from the photo as the AEW star is recovering from injury in what is to believed to be concussion-related. Due to this, the American Dragon had to miss AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door, but it did open the door for Castagnoli to join the Blackpool Combat Club in his AEW debut.