Over the years, John Cena has been referred to as the hardest working man in WWE history. Holding incredible accolades such as granting over 650 wishes for the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” and being recognized as one of two 16-time World Champions, Cena has had a historic 20-year WWE career that transitioned into Hollywood stardom.

Many have been on the record labeling Cena as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, with his work ethic being unmatched. “Super Cena” also spent extra time offering his spare hours to help other talents on shows, including matches or storylines he wasn’t even involved in.

While talking on the “Gentleman Villain Podcast,” William Regal spoke about talent rushing to leave shows they worked on before the main event and described what was so unique about Cena and WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker in those instances.

“There’s very few shows that I have been on where I hadn’t watched the full show,” Regal said. “And if I have, I’ve told somebody why I had to leave. When I was in the WWE for many years, you could always guarantee Undertaker would always be there when he was there. I was on a lot of shows with John Cena and there’s no greater example of somebody that’s put everything he’s got into this and works 500 days a year, 30 hours a day. Same as The Rock, same as any of the top people who worked this constantly.

Regal previously spoke about Cena on another episode of the podcast, labeling him as the superstar who made him the most money throughout his career. The Villain also stated that nobody could say a bad word to him about Cena due to the fact he’s had on making Regal’s family more money than anyone.

“Every single night there was a monitor set up backstage, and every single night while he was signing stuff or having a PR person handing him a phone doing radio interviews all over the world, he sat watching every single match that was on the monitor,” Regal said while continuing to talk about Cena’s interest in other talents.

“He was changed before the show started, he was doing his warmup while he watched the monitor, watching everything. That’s why he’s in the position he’s in. Yes, you can bluff your way through this for a while if you want to but you’re going to have to put a lot of hard work in if you want to stay around in this job.”

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