WWE Announces Livestream Interview With The Undertaker

Fans will get the chance to hear a rare live interview with The Undertaker this weekend, as he prepares to promote his upcoming A&E shows 'Biography: WWE Legends' and 'WWE Rivals.'

WWE on A&E's Twitter account announced the news, stating: "THE UNDERTAKEOVER IS UPON US! Sit down with The Deadman himself for a livestreamed conversation between @WWE's @Undertaker & @Rosenbergradio – on July 10 at 7/6c. They'll discuss his upcoming Biography: WWE Legends episode (7/10 at 8/7c) & WWE Rivals episode (7/17 at 10/9c)

Peter Rosenberg will be hosting the interview, and the WWE panelist will also be involved in the upcoming new A&E projects, including "WWE SmackTalk" alongside Booker T, which is set to reflect on the 'WWE Legends' episodes, revealing unseen footage as they dive deeper into those involved. This weekend's exclusive interview, however, will all be about the career of the Undertaker, and will air live for fans to watch in real time. While the Deadman has been involved in more projects outside of his kayfabe character since retiring from the ring, interviews with him are still relatively rare, especially in a live setting.

The Undertaker has not been involved with WWE since WrestleMania 38 weekend, when he appeared on both nights of the show during the Hall Of Fame segment following his headline induction. Undertaker was inducted by Vince McMahon himself, and he went on to give a unique and lengthy speech that recapped his career and revealed some interesting stories along the way. In addition to this weekend's interview, however, he will also appear during WWE SummerSlam weekend, hosting a one-man show that is being billed as "UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW." The event will take place at the Wildhorse Saloon on Friday, July 29th, the night before WWE SummerSlam, giving fans another opportunity to hear from the WWE Hall of Famer.