During his latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T has confirmed that he is going to be involved in the upcoming WWE and A&E series, “WWE Smack Talk.”

Booker stated that “your boy got a new show,” which is going to involve him working with WWE panelist Peter Rosenberg as well as Jackie Redmond as they focus on the careers of WWE legends. For now, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer gave just a few details on what exactly the show will entail.

“Gonna be kicking it off July 10th on A&E, guys, just talking about some of the greatest legends and what made those guys so special along the way, ” he said. “So definitely, get ready for it.”

Booker claimed that “the whole thing is real” and will see those involved “talking about the true art of a lot of these guys,” as they look to break down what made them special. He used Mick Foley as an example of that, stating that he “was a guy that gave everything to this business.”

Booker reflected on Foley’s performance in his famous Hell In A Cell match against The Undertaker at WWE’s “King Of The Ring” in 1998. That night saw the Hardcore Legend launched off the roof, crashing through the announce table, while he also ended up being sent through the roof down to the ring. Booker stated, “He could have died that night in the middle of the ring”.

“We talk about kayfabe, how it was back in the day and keeping the business real, real close to try to make the people really buy-in. Then you’ve got a guy like Mick Foley who pretty much was thrown off the cell … I tell you, if you ask Mick Foley today if he would do it again, he’d probably say, ‘Yeah, I’d do it again,’ and he would probably add, ‘Bang, bang,’ on top of it. So yeah, it’s as real as it possibly can be,” he added

In a report from Deadline the upcoming series was described in the following way:

WWE Smack Talk – new series premiere Sunday, July 10 at 11pm ET/PT Featuring WWE Legend Booker T, Hot 97 and ESPN host Peter Rosenberg and WWE host Jackie Redmond, each half-hour after show episode breaks down the biggest moments from each Sunday’s episode of “Biography: WWE Legends” and “WWE Rivals” as well as reveals new information that didn’t make the cut. Along the way, Booker, Peter and Jackie will welcome WWE Legends, current Superstars and other celebrity guests to further discuss the night’s events.

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