Becky Lynch Confirms Injury While Promising Past Gimmick Will Return To WWE

As we noted earlier this weekend, it looked like top WWE star Becky Lynch suffered a shoulder injury during her match against Bianca Belair at SummerSlam this past Saturday. Tonight's episode of WWE "Raw" confirmed that news shortly after reports emerged online that Lynch's injury was legitimate. Becky appeared in a sling as she walked down to the ring in all black on tonight's show, and through evident emotions, she told fans that she had two choices when she realized the injury had occurred: give up or keep fighting on.

That made her realize who she was deep down — not someone that needs constant validation or fancy clothes. Instead, she will focus on grit, determination, and defining what it means to be the man. Lynch promises she is starting a new era with the most impressive comeback in WWE History.

Becky would then invite Bianca Belair to the ring and express her admiration for the EST of WWE before telling her to "hold it down" while she is away. Bianca supported the idea that Becky is "The Man" and explained that she couldn't pass up the opportunity at SummerSlam to become allies with Lynch. That's when she was interrupted by a live feed from a backstage camera. Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai, seemingly named "Control" as a group based on recent social media posts, were shown attacking an injured Becky in the backstage area as her arm was still in a sling. Bayley had caught her arm in the chair and was on the offense as Bianca Belair retreated from the ring and ran to make the save. IYO, Dakota, and Bayley fleed as soon as Bianca approached, leaving Bianca alone to console a hurt Becky.

As noted, Lynch was leaving the arena at WWE SummerSlam with the medical team while keeping her arm close to her body. Lynch noticeably started favoring her shoulder after taking a Glam Slam from Belair during their WWE "Raw" Women's Title match.