Mick Foley Issues Message To Those Affected By His Hacked Social Media

As noted earlier, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley's Twitter account was hacked over the weekend. The person or persons who hacked the account posted a series of tweets offering PS5 consoles for retail price with the proceeds going to charity. The hacker also offered each buyer an opportunity to accompany the Hardcore Legend to an upcoming pro wrestling show.

On Monday, Foley issued a message addressing the people who were affected by his Twitter account getting hacked, imploring the victims of the PS5 scam to contact their respective banks or credit card companies to get their refunds. Foley said he plans to reach out to the people who may have fallen prey to the scam.

"Hello everyone, this is Mick Foley," he began. "It's August 1st and I'm happy to say that I'm back on Twitter. I feel terrible for the inconvenience of being hacked. Not just for myself, but I really feel for anyone who fell for that ploy to purchase PlayStation 5 consoles. Please contact your bank or credit card and try to have that charge reversed. It was a scam. I'm really sorry that somebody tried to extort money from me [by using my account]. I'm so happy that I had some people working in my best interest and I'm back. And I'm really sorry for any complications they created, but this is my account and I'm back on it. Thanks."

Later on Monday, Foley was live-tweeting during "WWE Raw" and expressed his joy at the sight of former NXT Champion Ciampa being used as a top-tier star on the main roster. Soon after Ciampa became the #1 contender to Bobby Lashley's United States Championship, Foley tweeted the following:

Incidentally, Foley was in attendance for Ric Flair's last match at the time of his social media account getting hacked. He was spotted ringside alongside the likes of Undertaker, Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Jerry Lawler at The Nature Boy's swansong in Nashville, TN.