Who Does Eric Bischoff Have In A Fight: Stephanie McMahon Or Tony Khan?

Eric Bischoff knows a thing or two about TV executives getting into fights, and when it comes to two current wrestling executives in particular, he takes a very clear — if thoroughly unsurprising — position.

"Oh my god, Stephanie McMahon would kill Tony Khan," Bischoff told "Ten Count" by NBC Sports Boston, referring to a theoretical throwdown between the new co-CEO of WWE and AEW's self-proclaimed "longest-tenured CEO in pro wrestling." "Hey, I've been slapped by Stephanie McMahon on television, which is supposed to be what they call a 'working slap.' She don't know how to work, at least not a slap. I mean, that girl could hurt you. She would kill Tony Khan. Kill him. Yes, set that up. Somebody book that. That'd be fun."

Of course, Stephanie McMahon rose to the position of co-CEO and chairwoman of the board following the resignation of former chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who stepped away from the company amid allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity that involved millions of dollars reportedly being paid out to former employees. Khan is the current President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling, which formed in January 2019 and has developed into a major rival for WWE, becoming the promotion's first real competitor since WCW in the 1990s, which was run by Bischoff.

"Tony Khan couldn't beat up anything," Bischoff said. "This is a silly conversation. This is like talking about my wife beating up somebody. She's 98 pounds and couldn't hurt a fly."

Bischoff has made a handful of appearances for AEW since the promotion's inception, with his last taking place in May 2021, hosting a party for the Inner Circle on an episode of "AEW Dynamite." Since then, he's become a vocal critical of both Khan and AEW as a whole. Bischoff's last appearance for WWE came in January 2022 in a backstage segment involving then-WWE officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville on "WWE SmackDown."

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