Tony Khan Gloats As Vince McMahon Retires

A late afternoon bombshell has left the wrestling world speechless, with Vince McMahon officially announcing his retirement from WWE effective immediately from all positions, including the head of WWE creative. But even as more details pour in regarding this shocker of a story, AEW CEO Tony Khan couldn't help but comment on the situation.

"Thanks to you wrestling fans and your great support of AEW, I'm grateful to now be the longest-tenured CEO in pro wrestling," Khan tweeted. "Thank you very much to every single person who watches AEW! See you for Friday Night AEW Rampage on TNT!"

It's important to note that Khan said he was the longest-running CEO in pro wrestling, not the longest-running owner/president. The longest-running president in wrestling would in fact be Marisela Pena Roldan of Lucha Libre AAA, the lucha libre promotion that is partnered with AEW. Marisela has been AAA President since 2006, when AAA founder, promoter, and president Antonio Pena passed away from a heart attack.

Khan, of course, became the CEO of AEW when he and his father, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, founded the promotion back in 2019. The 39-year-old has since increased his workload following his purchase of Ring of Honor in March, making him the only wrestling promoter to own two major promotions at this time.

As such, Khan has a busy weekend ahead of him. As he noted in his tweet, "AEW Rampage: Fyter Fest Week 4" will air tonight on TNT, with Jay Lethal battling Christopher Daniels, among other scheduled matches. Tomorrow, Khan will be in Lowell, MA, for Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor, which will air on Bleacher Report and traditional PPV providers throughout the United States.