Report Gives Insight On New WWE Management’s ‘Fresh Set Of Eyes’

Vince McMahon may be gone from WWE, but Triple H aims to continue the legacy his father-in-law created for the company. In a new interview with "ESPN," Triple H shared his thoughts on what he plans for WWE now that it's under the watchful and fresh eyes of Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan.

"The intent is to continue the legacy of what has been going on, what made me fall in love with this business that he created, and to take it to new levels. To take it beyond where it is now. The only way we're going to do that is with a team. That's with Steph, that's with Nick Khan, that's with myself, that's with Kevin Dunn [who produces WWE's TV programs], that's with everybody that is here, that is with all this talent. We have the greatest, hardest-working talent in the world. I have no doubt in mind, with this team, we can do it."

Dunn's name is interesting as many speculated that the Executive Vice President of Television Production might not belong in WWE following McMahon's retirement, but this hints that Dunn will be included in future plans. However, it was recently stated on "Busted Open Radio" that Stephanie McMahon and Dunn do not like each other, so it could be a matter of "The Game" keeping up appearances before sending the longtime employee packing.

If fans were looking for Triple H to put proof in the pudding, the "Cerebral Assassin's" execution of SummerSlam and the following "WWE Raw" have become strong indications regarding the winds of change for WWE. "Raw" experienced the highest number it's seen in total viewership since March 16, 2020. Presentation-wise, the product highlighted Bayley's new heel faction and emphasized the importance of the WWE United States Championship with a TV package before two triple threat matches to determine a contender for the belt.