Michael Cole Seemingly References CM Punk Suspension On WWE SmackDown

In the wake of all the reported backstage turmoil in AEW involving CM Punk and The Elite, plenty of people from outside the company have been commenting on the situation. Last night before "SmackDown," WWE star Natalya even took to social media to throw shade at Punk and his actions. Then on "SmackDown," commentator Michael Cole seemingly alluded to the subject.


Cole and Corey Graves were recapping Ronda Rousey and WWE official Adam Pierce's segment from last week. The segment saw Pierce trash-talk Rousey, which led to Rousey getting physical with him. Cole said Rousey "has been disciplined internally, the results of which will not be made public." Cole also commented on Pierce, saying: "Sources told me WWE official Adam Pierce has gotten carried away, he's aired the dirty laundry publicly, hence the reason this investigation has been taken behind the scenes." 

Cole's comments very well could be a slight dig at the recent situation in AEW. 

To recap for those who somehow are unaware, Punk opened All Out's post-show media scrum with a bang. Punk talked down AEW EVPs Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, as well as "Hangman" Adam Page, blaming them for burying the company's biggest babyface (Punk). Not only did he rant about The Elite, but Punk also went on a tirade about Scott "Colt Cabana" Colton.


After Punk left the media scrum, he reportedly ended up brawling with the Elite backstage. As a result of the alleged brawl, all of the wrestlers involved, as well as others in AEW such as  producers Ace Steel and Pat Buck, reportedly have been suspended.