Booker T Compares Roxanne Perez To WWE Hall Of Famer

Roxanne Perez signed with WWE back in March, having already won the Ring of Honor Women's World Championship, and at only 20 years old, the general consensus is that she's way ahead of schedule.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman, Booker T gave Perez massive praise and went as far as to compare her to a WWE Hall of Famer.

"I talked to the WWE about her when she first signed and I said, 'This is one that we really got to protect. It's one that we really got to make sure we do the right things with,' because she is Lita 20 years from now going into the Hall of Fame," Booker T said. "She is the one, she is special and I just think with the right hands on her, with me in her ear just trying to make sure she does the right things, and for her to be such a student of the game I see nothing but big things for Roxanne Perez. She's a diamond, man. She really is."

The former five-time WCW Champion and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion took Perez under his wing when she was known as Rok-C. She is currently performing on the NXT brand, where she was an NXT Women's Tag Team Champion with her former partner Cora Jade. During an NXT Women's Title match with Mandy Rose, Jade turned her back on Perez while they were still tag champs, allowing Rose to pin Perez, and leaving the WWE NXT Women's Tag Championships vacant.