Wrestling Fans Flood Mindy's Bakery With Reviews After CM Punk's AEW All Out Name Drop

CM Punk's remarks at All Elite Wrestling's All Out media scrum made headlines all over the wrestling world for all the wrong reasons. Amidst the reported All Out backstage brawl and the trash talking, one thing that may have flown mostly under the radar has garnered quite a bit of attention: Punk's post-match snack of muffins from Mindy's Bakery in Chicago. Viewers who saw Punk shoot on his issues with Scott "Colt Cabana" Colton also saw him put away a few baked goods while drinking lime-flavored Spindrift seltzers. Would-be patrons of the Windy City may want to read recent write-ups with a skeptical eye, now that wrestling fans have descended on Google Reviews to leave cheeky feedback.


"Look in my eyes, what do you see? A million muffins in front of me!" one user wrote on Google Reviews, one of many of references towards Punk's remarks during the media scrum. "Colt Cabana ate here once, never has been the same," wrote another. "10 out 10 it was so good I got too excited and beat up 3 of my coworkers," another reviewer wrote, referencing the reported altercation between Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks.

While most reviewers left 5 stars to go with their cheeky reviews, some haters dropped one-star reviews along with remarks like "This bakery is as good as CM PUNK is at fighting," referencing Punk's brief MMA career. Of course, Punk's role in the reported melee wasn't the only one to earn an oblique mention in the recent review of Mindy's Bakery; Steel is alleged to have bit Omega in the fracas, prompting one reviewer to say "The only thing more delicious is Kenny Omega's flesh."