EC3 Responds To Patrick Clark's Video Tirade

The media feud between former "NXT" wrestlers EC3 and the Velveteen Dream continues.

A couple of weeks ago, EC3 accused Velveteen Dream, aka Patrick Clark, of recording wrestlers non-consensually while they were using the bathroom during a gathering at EC3's house. Yesterday, Clark took to his Instagram, alleging that EC3 (along with several others) used cocaine at the gathering and were extremely inebriated. And today, in response to Clark's rant, EC3 gave the following statement to PWInsider:


"In life, I forgive everyone for everything that has been done to me," he said. "I personally have never failed a drug test from any employer, nor been arrested for drug usage, paraphernalia, assault, battery, or any inappropriate behavior. My forgiveness includes Patrick Clark for setting up a video recording device in the bathroom of my home. As far as any other accusations and allegations against him, I hope that he finds the help he needs."

Clark was arrested on August 20 and subsequently charged with trespassing and battery after allegedly refusing to leave a gym after an employee asked him to do so. According to reports, Clark became volatile and threatened to kill the employee, leading to a physical alteration during which Clark bit the employee. This arrest was later declared a violation of his parole, as he had been charged in November of last year for possessing cocaine, using or possessing drug paraphernalia, destroying, altercating or concealing evidence, and having no lamps or illumination devices in his car. Clark was released from his WWE contract in May of 2021 after not appearing on programming for several months and following allegations of sexual misconduct. EC3, for his part, was released from WWE in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently became a major player in the Control Your Narrative promotion.