Dakota Kai Reaches Personal WWE Milestone

Throughout her seven-year run of making appearances in WWE, Dakota Kai has had a notoriously rough time when it comes to championship victories. The New Zealand star struggled to become a top star during her time in NXT despite being a favorite for years, leading to her eventual heel turn in 2019, which radically shifted her character long-term. The current Damage CTRL member did end up winning tag team gold in NXT twice with Raquel Gonzalez before she temporarily left the company earlier this year. However, both of those championship reigns pale in comparison to Kai's newfound glory as a member of the Bayley-led faction.


Five days into her reign as co-holder of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship with IYO SKY, Kai tweeted that it's the longest title run of her WWE career. That's because both her championship victories in NXT were immediately followed by losses.

After becoming the inaugural NXT Women's Tag Team Champions by winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2021, Kai and Gonzalez lost their titles to the duo of Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart on the same night. Similarly, the duo's second title run was not long for this world either, beginning on April 2, 2022 at NXT Stand & Deliver and ending just three days late on an episode of "NXT 2.0."

As a member of Damage CTRL, Kai has arguably been on the most successful run of her WWE career just two months after her return to the company at SummerSlam 2022. Taking part in the premier all-women faction in the company alongside two decorated champions, Kai's current reign as WWE Women's Tag Team Champion feels unlikely to end any time soon.