Colt Cabana References CM Punk's All Out Media Scrum Comments During Recent Twitch Stream

This year's AEW All Out pay-per-view is arguably more memorable for CM Punk's media scrum comments than the show itself. During his interview with members of the press, the former AEW World Champion unloaded on his former friend Colt Cabana while discussing their well-documented lawsuit from a few years ago.

During the tirade, Punk said that Cabana shared a bank account with his mother. Cabana has been tight-lipped about the situation since then, though he did joke about Punk's comments while hanging out with fans during a recent Twitch stream.

"My brother is the director of Family Guy, if you didn't know that. That's a fun little tidbit. My brother is the director of Family Guy. You can look up his name. He also shares a bank account with my mother," he joked. "It's just all in the family, you know how it is."

Cabana went on to joke about his mother potentially playing "Fortnite" with him, though he stated that she doesn't know that he plays the game. However, he didn't make any more references to the scandal that's rocked AEW in recent times.

While Cabana appears to be in good spirits following Punk's rant, the situation has been the source of much conversation in the wrestling community. Punk also targeted AEW's EVPs during the scrum, which led to him getting involved in a backstage altercation with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Punches were reportedly thrown in the heat of the moment, and suspensions have since been handed out to the people involved in the fight.