Luigi Primo Recalls His Worst In-Ring Pizza Dough Related Injury

Luigi Primo is quickly making a name for himself as one of the top comedy acts on the independent scene. The Italian-American grappler made a recent appearance on "AEW Dynamite," and before that, a clip of Primo in the ring created some buzz on social media, with his dough-spinning antics grabbing the attention of many wrestling fans.

In conversation with Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman, Primo spoke about some of the challenges that come with utilizing pizza dough in the ring.

"I've dropped the dough. I've missed my opponent's face with the dough," Primo said. "I've had my opponent fling it out of the ring, or I've had a runner take it away when we were supposed to use it for something later. Had somebody take a bite out of it. I've been knocked out by it."

Primo would go on to describe that last incident in further detail.

"I was in the ring and I was sort of out of position and I was ... with Sean Hernandez. I threw the dough thinking ... he'd catch it. And then I'd kick him or something. But instead he catches it and then he just winds up and smacks me in the face with it," Primo said. "I go down, my ears are ringing and I'm bleeding. There's this picture of me with a belt because I ended up winning the match. [I] didn't pin him. [I] pinned the other person in the match. But I have a belt. My face is just bleeding because I got smacked with my own dough. So I always consider that a point of pride, that I was busted open with my own pizza dough."

After the positive reaction to his debut, Primo remains hopeful that he'll be brought back to AEW in some form.