Tony Khan Gives Ring Of Honor Update

Since Tony Khan's purchase of Ring of Honor earlier this year, many have wondered about ROH's future beyond pay-per-views such as this year's "Supercard of Honor XV" and "Death Before Dishonor." In an interview for the "In the Kliq" podcast, Khan answered some questions about ROH going forward.


"The Ring of Honor pay-per-view events this year have been the most successful couple of Ring of Honor pay-per-view events in many years and actually they would both rank in the top, probably top three or four Ring of Honor pay-per-view events ever," he said, "So this has been the best year Ring of Honor's ever had on pay-per-view, which is pretty amazing."

Khan continued speaking on how the success of this year's ROH pay-per-views has pushed conversations about possible TV deals forward with Warner Bros. Discovery.

"If we can get the weekly TV going again, it would be even stronger," he said. "I would love to bring Ring of Honor back on a weekly basis, and it's a conversation I'm having with Warner Bros. Discovery pretty frequently, and I have to say something that's gonna be really helpful is the success Ring of Honor has had on PPV."


Warner Bros. Discovery worked with ROH on the recent "Death Before Dishonor" pay-per-view, and Khan would cite this as supportive in conversations with Warner Bros. Discovery. "I think they got a great look at how much opportunity there is in the Ring of Honor business, and how many great wrestling fans there are. Not just fans for AEW, because obviously AEW is a top priority for TBS and TNT, but also now for Ring of Honor. Bring ROH and AEW together, lots of positives and synergies," he said.