Danhausen Offers Wardlow A Powerbomb Deal

When it comes to "Smart" Mark Sterling at this point, Wardlow must feel like Coheed and Cambria, wondering when will the nightmare ever end. For months now Sterling has been the gnat in Wardlow's ear, attempting to lead storyline lawsuits against him and sending his clients, Tony Nese and Josh Woods, after him. Now Sterling is issuing more threats to Wardlow, trying to get people powerbombed by Wardlow to donate $13 in order to ban the powerbomb for good.

Shockingly, many people are not happy about Sterling attempting to silence the powerbomb symphony once and for all, including fellow AEW star and the man who loves the monies, as it were, Danhausen. The very nice, very evil being went on Twitter after Sterling's earlier declaration, with an offer to Wardlow.

"Wardlow [I] will give you $13 to do more powerbombs," Danhausen tweeted.

It's not exactly clear how many have been victims of Wardlow's powerbomb symphony, given that he's powerbombed many, many people, but should Danhausen's offer be legit, it would seem to keep Wardlow from having to move away from his finishing move. As of this writing, Sterling hasn't responded to Danhausen's declaration.

All of this serves as a backdrop for "AEW Rampage: Grand Slam", which will air Friday night at 10 PM ET on TNT and will run for two hours as opposed to one. And in case he wasn't already, Wardlow will surely be motivated going into the show following Sterling's tweet, as he and Samoa Joe (a.k.a. WarJoe) will take on Sterling's clients Nese and Woods in tag team action.