Bray Wyatt's Current Physical Fitness Shown Off In New Workout Video

Amid rumors that he could be making his WWE return imminently, Bray Wyatt has been putting in some work.

Boxing media outlet ESNEWS posted footage of Wyatt working out with former WBA and WBC Welterweight Champion Keith Thurman, and on the surface, Wyatt appears to be in about as good a shape as he's ever been. Whether or not the session with Thurman was a pitstop on the road to an in-ring return remains to be seen, but it's looking more and more likely that the fireflies are about to again be out in force.

The wrestling world has been buzzing in the wake of several mysterious clues that many have speculated indicate a Wyatt return. From "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane playing inside arenas at live events with the all too familiar red lights that were used when Wyatt was portrayed as The Fiend, to the QR code that surfaced on the September 19 episode of "WWE Raw" that leads to a rabbit animation, a game of Hangman, and "9.23" in the "WWE SmackDown" colors, to Wyatt's own recent social media activity, everything seems to be adding up to a comeback for the Eater of Worlds, who hasn't been on WWE TV since his release in 2021. In the year since, fans online have continually grasped at straws when it comes to clues for a potential Wyatt return, especially since he has yet to wrestle anywhere else and seems to take particular enjoyment from putting out cryptic tweets, but this time things could be different. 9/23, after all, is today, and the latest episode of "SmackDown" is tonight.