Konnan Discusses How He Handles Mega Draws With Backstage Heat

Konnan, the current booker of AAA, puts a high value on locker room chemistry when it comes to booking shows and running a wrestling company overall. In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior Editor Nick Hausman, Konnan elaborated on how locker room morale is a major focus of his at all times and relates it to recent issues amongst some of AEW's top stars and executives.


On the topic of wrestlers who have backstage heat, Konnan believes hearing out his current roster members is important when it comes to who to bring into a company. "I've had wrestlers, Nick, where I won't work with them because other wrestlers have told me straight out, 'I don't want to work with him.'" Konnan admitted, though he later added a caveat to this strategy. "Unless the guy's a mega draw," the LAX leader continued, "and I can get everybody to sit down and talk it out, I just won't mess with him."

Konnan's perspective on AEW locker room heat

Konnan reinforces how crucial locker room morale is for a wrestling company, stating, "Locker room chemistry is more important than you'll ever know. It really is. If you got a guy that's so toxic that people don't want to be around him or work with him or [are] ignoring him, that's not good."


In Konnan's opinion, the recent chaos surrounding CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks in AEW is a prime example of the struggles with hiring a megastar such as the "Second City Savior." When discussing what AEW President Tony Khan should do when and if all parties returnĀ following their suspensions, Konnan said, "You gotta sit down The [Young] Bucks, you got to sit down Phil [Brooks] and go, 'We're all adults. We're all making a lot of f**king money. We got a chance to make more money.'" If this solution doesn't work, however, Konnan's advice remains the same, "Whoever doesn't want to work, you can get the f**k out."