Konnan Gives His Honest Opinion Of The Current WWE And AEW Producers

As someone who has been a part of the wrestling business for decades, Konnan is known for being outspoken about both the things he likes and the things he doesn't from mainstream wrestling companies. Most recently, the LAX leader has given both WWE and All Elite Wrestling praise over the recent booking of their weekly shows. In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior Editor Nick Hausman, Konnan discussed the improvements he's seen in the two juggernaut wrestling companies in the past few months.


First talking about the WWE, Konnan echoed the sentiments of many regarding the changes implemented by Triple H since his takeover as Chief Content Officer of the company. "The WWE's gotten a lot better. I got to give them credit. I used to hate reviewing their shows." Konnan admitted before saying that Triple H's removal of Vince-era "buffoonery" has been refreshing for the wrestling veteran. Konnan does offer one critique, however, stating, "Just about every single match is really good. They're a little bit too long for my taste. I'm not a big fan of long matches." Before continuing, "I've seen so many wrestling matches, I get kind of bored easily."

When talking about AEW, Konnan dished out similar praise to AEW, remarking that the format and pacing have improved greatly over time. "There wasn't a bad match on Wednesday." Konnan emphasized, "Not one bad match, not really one bad segment." 


The AAA booker ultimately believes that competition is what has led to these improvements in both companies. Konnan finished up his stance on both companies in their current form by saying, "That's what you get when you got competition. The fans come out winning."