Former WWE Official Reacts To Drew McIntyre Fireball Spot Gone Awry

On the most recent episode of "WWE SmackDown," the rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross was taken to the next level when Scarlett blew a fireball into the face of the former WWE Champion. However, the spot didn't go to plan, as it ended up missing the Scotsman, and during his latest "Reffin Rant" on Twitter, former WWE official Jimmy Korderas praised the two men for the fact they "called it on the fly" by continuing after that spot.

"The big fireball that was thrown, that missed Drew, it didn't work, did it?" Korderas said. "So what do you do? Drew looked like he wanted to sell it for a second there, but realized that it wasn't that close ... they called it out there, as we used to say back in the day. And guess what, what they improvised afterwards actually turned out pretty good, considering the fact that the fireball spot was supposed to be the spot to get the heat. What happened was, they got the heat anyway, so in one [sense], it kind of failed, but on the other side, good on them for getting it back and getting the heat where they needed it."

The segment was made even more impressive by the fact McIntyre was dealing with a serious bout of food poisoning last week. He spent the day backstage hooked up to an IV just to get through the spot, and was then taken off live events over the weekend to recover. Kross and McIntyre will wrestle one another in a strap match at WWE Extreme Rules.

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