Brandi Rhodes Reveals Her Next Project

Since departing AEW, Brandi Rhodes has not been involved with pro wrestling on-screen, despite her husband, Cody Rhodes, making his return to WWE. The former AEW Chief Brand Officer has now revealed that her next project will be her own podcast, which focuses on being a parent. It launches this Thursday.

Rhodes tweeted: "My podcast is here!! 2 Lies and 1 Truth drops THURSDAY!!! Episode 1 has a guest you're gonna love! who do you think it is?! (It's a parenting podcast, not a mommy podcast SO, could be a mom or a dad- and it's NOT Libby's dad)."

Rhodes is expected to be talking to different parents on a weekly basis about a range of topics. While not a wrestling podcast, there undoubtedly will be some guests from the industry. 

Rhodes has experience as a host and interviewer though her YouTube channel. "A Shot Of Brandi" featured her cooking with various wrestlers as they shared stories. More recently ,she has been involved in the "Brandi On The Rocks" series on YouTube, which is about alcohol and food.

While she doesn't have an official role with WWE, Rhodes revealed that she helped to bring non-profit organization Kulture City to WWE SummerSlam, as she is a board member for the organization. Rhodes has not retired from wrestling, as she has been training and even competed in a match at the WWE Performance Center.