Drew McIntyre Jokes About Possible 3MB Vs The Shield Match

The dominant, "Scottish Warrior" version of Drew McIntyre we know today was not always the Drew McIntyre that was presented on TV. During McIntyre's first WWE run, Vince McMahon appointed him the "Chosen One" and stated that McIntyre would be a future world champion. While McMahon's prediction would come true more than a decade later, McIntyre had a tough road. Following Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship reigns, McIntyre floated around the mid-card before joining forces with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal as 3MB in 2012. The group existed until McIntyre and Mahal were released in 2014.


The group typically found very little success in wins, however, people have since looked back on the group fondly. McIntyre talked about 3MB and joked about a possible match between them and The Shield. The Shield of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley, was also created in 2012, with The Shield finding major success.

"We talk about 3MB, I think nostalgia is a hell of a thing," McIntyre told NBC Sports Boston. "The way that people talk to me about 3MB now, you would think we were The Shield ... As time passes, it's going to get grander and grander by the time, you know, like we're all in our mid-40s, late 40s, we can have a 3MB-Shield reunion and like, have ourselves a little match, or big matches, and then Heath can take all the bumps."


McIntyre and Mahal have both come back to WWE since their releases and become WWE Champion, with McIntyre doing so twice. Heath is currently with Impact Wrestling and most recently wrestled at Victory Road 2022.

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