WWE's Matt Camp Becomes First On-Air Personality To Address White Rabbit Teases

Over the past few weeks, WWE fans have been trying to unravel a mystery during its live events and during episodes of "Raw" and "SmackDown." It started with red lights and Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" playing in arenas during commercial breaks. More recently, QR codes have led to online riddles. After figuring out who killed the world, (you did.) last week, more and more clues just keep pouring out.


However, despite all of the clues and speculation, nobody on WWE television has made any sort of statement regarding the "white rabbit" mystery, until now. On a recent episode of WWE's "The Bump," Matt Camp finally became the first person within WWE to talk about the mystery playing out on WWE programming.

"Let me address – not the elephant in the room – but the rabbit in the arenas, or wherever it may be," said Camp.

Camp summarized the "white rabbit" clues before the most recent clue from this week's edition of "Raw" was replayed on "The Bump.

Camp's co-host Kayla Braxton also gave her take on it. Braxton, of course, is an on-air personality on "SmackDown" and when asked if she knew what was going on.


"I don't want to know what's going [on]," Braxton said. "I love things like this because I feel like a fan... I'm going to [be] just as surprised and excited as people watching at home."

While it's still very unclear to anybody as to who's behind the "white rabbit," popular theories across the internet are pointing to Bray Wyatt.