Bruce Prichard Recalls The Time Brock Lesnar Broke His Nose

The wrestling business is known for its roughness, regardless of whether you're an in-ring talent or not. Recently, Bruce Prichard was asked about a photo of him with a black eye on an episode of Something To Wrestle With and told the story of the time Brock Lesnar broke the executive's nose by accidentally kicking a wall onto him. "The folks that had constructed the wall hadn't constructed it very well," Prichard explained, "and Brock didn't feel like waiting. He started moving walls on his own. When he did, that said wall came crashing into my face."

Prichard says that Brock's impatience led to a broken orbital bone along with a broken nose in three places. Due to the shoot being in Nova Scotia, Prichard went to the doctor and got stitches, but was unable to get any further treatment on his injury for the time being. "I get on a plane, fly to New York, didn't have any issues," Prichard said. However, his problems were far from over when he returned to the United States. "I might have tried to blow my nose" Prichard continued. "Everything shot out then, my orbital completely exploded and my nose pretty much caved in."

Lesnar's apology

Prichard's injury got worse as he was preparing to travel, unknowingly bleeding out of his eye as he got on another plane. The former manager ended up asking a friend to call a neurosurgeon while he was on the plane, to which the neurosurgeon urged Prichard to cease traveling. "The neurosurgeon calls me back, while I'm in the air, and says, 'Whatever you do, stay where you are, do not, in any circumstances, get on the plane.'"

Despite their severity, Prichard's injuries were eventually taken care of, and the picture hanging on his wall is now there to commemorates one of the executive's worst injuries. As for Lesnar, the former champion was quick to make amends by sending an apology note and food from Pike Place Fish. Prichard was incredibly grateful for this, "He didn't mean to do it. It was an accident. He still called to check on me and sent me nice things."