Update On Status Of Investigation Into Backstage AEW All Out Fight

It has now officially been a month and a day since AEW All Out, whose actual in-ring events immediate took a backseat to theĀ wild post-show media scrum that led to a backstage incident between CM Punk, Ace Steel, the Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega. Punk, Omega, and the Bucks were all stripped of their AEW World and World Trios Championships in the aftermath, and none of them have been seen on AEW TV since. The question now becomes when, or even if, we'll see any of them again.


Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be a question that will be answered any time soon. While promoting AEW's anniversary week in an interview with Variety, AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan was asked about the post-All Out incident and the status of Punk, Omega, and the Bucks in AEW. Khan ultimately refused to comment on the situation, stating that the investigation into the incident was still ongoing, before moving on to talk about MJF.

No indication has been given on when the investigation involving the incident, which began almost immediately after All Out, will conclude, though several parties involved, including AEW talents Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa and AEW producers Christopher Daniels and Pat Buck, have since been cleared of any wrongdoing via the investigation. As of this writing, full details on what occurred between Punk, Steel, the Bucks, and Omega are unclear, beyond a physical altercation being confirmed.


In the meantime, AEW will continue on without four of its biggest stars, with "AEW Dynamite" taking place tonight from Washington D.C., while "AEW Rampage" and AEW Battle of the Belts IV will air back-to-back this Friday night.