Daniel Cormier Asserts Himself While Discussing WWE Fight Pit Role

This Saturday will see the first ever fight pit match on the main roster in WWE as Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle compete inside the modified cage at WWE's Extreme Rules, aiming to conclude their feud. To ensure that things are called down the middle, UFC legend Daniel Cormier is being brought in as a special guest referee for that match, and during a recent conversation with Rollins for "ESPN MMA," Cormier made it clear that he "will be fair" in his role.


"I saw you guys last night on Raw, and I had to interrupt you two from arguing like petulant children to tell you to calm down," Cormier said. "I am going there for a job, Seth Rollins, I am not there as a fan. If I wanted to be a fan, Seth, I would sit in the stands like I did when you won the championship in Santa Clara ... I will be right down the middle, and I am going to do a job, so for everything else it's out the window. So, you better be ready for a fair fight don't think that I am going out there to help you."

Cormier is well-known for being a major wrestling fan, often attending events as a spectactor in the past, as he alluded to when speaking to Rollins. However, his name has been previously brought up to potentially work with the company numerous times, including doing something with The Creed Brothers or taking up a commentary role


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