Latest White Rabbit QR Code Clue Teases Bray Wyatt Return

There was very little ambiguity in the latest QR code video dropped by WWE on this week's "SmackDown" season premiere.

Fans were directed to a video featuring one of the fabled characters from Three Little Pigs, with the words "Let Me In!" uttered repeatedly in the background. The former catchphrase of Bray Wyatt then hit a fever speed when loud knocks on a door began, until the words "Let Me In!" slowed down to a submissive tone. The video ended with a discernible pause.

A similar animation of Fifer Pig was previously used in the QR video airing last week, where there was a reference to pigs being slaughtered in a butcher shop by the Big Bad Wolf, followed by a Morse Code that translated to "AZAZEL REBORN."

One of Wyatt's puppets in the Firefly Fun House, Huskus The Pig Boy, was based on Disney's Fifer Pig character. 

The Wyatt teases didn't end with just a QR code on this week's show held in Worcester, Massachusetts. For the first time ever, a white rabbit teaser video actually played on television, as a white rabbit was shown running through a forest until a giant portal in the ground opened up, causing him to fall into the rabbit hole. This was followed by a few riddles and the text "Tomorrow Night" and "10.8.22" flashing through the screen, confirming earlier reports that the big white rabbit unveil will take place this Saturday at the Extreme Rules event in Philadelphia. The video ended with the text "Feed Your Head."

That's not all. According to fans at the DCU Center, a person in a white rabbit costume was seen randomly walking around the arena during Friday's show. 

If Wyatt does indeed show up Saturday, it remains to be seen he returns as "The Fiend" or introduces the wrestling world to a brand new character.